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When did the love for Coffee Scrubs begin?

With the website launching a few weeks ago everything has been a little bit crazy!!

However, we’re starting to finally get into a nice routine and thought a blog post was seriously overdue!

So, what better way to return to blogging than to look back to when the Coffee Scrub Company began..

If I can take a moment to introduce myself; I’m Hannah, founder of the Coffee Scrub Co. and I’d love to give you a little more information on when my passion for natural beauty products began.

I’ve always been passionate about two things: cooking and coffee, and when I say coffee I mean REAL coffee, like my grandmother used to make! For me absolutely nothing beats the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, it sounds a little stereotypical for me to blame my Italian heritage for this love affair but it’s legitimately the only reason I have!

I practically grew up in the kitchen but it wasn’t until 2014 that I began to understand the real concept of health with food and lifestyle. Once I started to get to grips with this industry I became fascinated by the vegan lifestyle and beauty regimes, there was so much evidence to support the idea of plant based lifestyles/products being incredibly more beneficial to the body. Obviously after seeing all the research I had to try making products for myself, I was tired of using overpriced products from mainstream stores that firstly didn’t have great results for me personally and secondly contained a variety of chemicals which actually cause a lot of health issues to the body in the long term.

The results I started to get from using my own products blew me away. Straight away I noticed how soft my skin felt and just how much healthier my skin and hair were beginning to appear, I started to feel so confident in myself that I knew it was something I had to turn into a product that I could share with people everywhere. (I know we shouldn’t be a society that encourages people to focus on their looks too much but personally speaking I can’t think of anything better than being 100% comfortable in your own skin, especially when you feel so good naturally you aren’t hiding behind layers of makeup!)

So why coffee scrubs? Well out of the many things I made at home the coffee scrubs were always one of my favourites. Firstly because I just absolutely love the smell of coffee, so for me there’s nothing better than rubbing that delicious smell all over my body!

But more importantly, the scrubs have a list of health benefits which make them incredibly effective for a variety of problems. The coffee contains high amounts of two things: caffeine and antioxidants, this is an amazing combination as it naturally creates a synergy that targets problematic areas such as psoriasis/acne whilst also helping reduce cellulite and puffiness. Personally I haven’t ever suffered from major issues with my skin but of course being a girl in today’s society I’m conscious of any stretch marks or ‘dimples’ I may have, so to find a product that visibly reduces these areas whilst leaving my skin incredibly moisturised is absolutely superb! (I am obviously biased here but once you try the scrubs for yourself I have no doubt you’ll feel the same way!)

The scrubs work as an exfoliant and a moisturiser combined, I love the simplicity of jumping into the shower and taking a handful of the scrub, rubbing it in then after a few minutes rinsing it off, it’s so easy literally anybody can do it. Also it’s brilliant for people like myself who are usually in some kind of a rush and don’t have time for long beauty regimes!

I hope you feel like you’ve learnt a little more about The Coffee Scrub Co. and why we began. I will be updating the blog frequently with information about the scrubs and ingredients we use, so that our customers can learn a little more about health and why looking after the outside can sometimes help us look after our insides!

If you have any queries please feel free to contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little addition to the blog, I hope you enjoy the rest of your Thursday night and have a brilliant weekend!

- Hannah Calvanese

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