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Even Models Like To Scrub..

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We launched the #scrubselfie project just over a week ago and received so many messages from a variety of  people suffering with various skin conditions.. it was quite an eye opener! The majority who contacted us admitted that after years of using various creams and treatments they were still being affected by the issue, after all the time and effort they had noticed zero results.

Our number one passion is creating flawless skin and encouraging people to start using more natural products, but this isn't something that we as a company can do overnight! When there's so many different products out there it's not always easy to get your message across to people, especially when you're only a small independent company.. however, we are a company on a mission and this means we are determined to spread our message as far as possible!

As part of our mission we decided that it would be effective to work with people who are just as passionate as ourselves about health and beauty, who would be able to spread our message alongside their own journey.

Earlier this week we met with Sarah Longbottom, a model located in Manchester, who had shown interest in our scrubs for her own personal use. During our meeting we quickly established that we shared very similar views on health and the beauty industry; both of us are incredibly passionate about advocating self love and spreading awareness on this subject so it seemed like the next rational step would be a working relationship between our company and herself!

It's very early days obviously, so we can't say too much, but The Coffee Scrub Co. is incredibly excited about the future with this lady! We can't wait to see the results she personally has with our scrubs and look forward to her sharing awareness for our products with all her followers! 

Don't forget if you have visited our website because you saw Sarah mentioning our scrubs on her Instagram/Twitter you can use a special code to redeem 10% off all products at the checkout, just enter: "SarahGlam10" 

We hope you all have an amazing weekend and look forward to the updating you guys with what's happening in the world of Coffee Scrub Co. 


- The Coffee Scrub Co. Team

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