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Coffee Scrub Co. prepares for Christmas...

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I can imagine exactly what is running through the mind of any sensible person as they begin to read this...


Why oh why are they thinking about Christmas, never mind actually writing a blog post about Christmas when we're currently in September?"

We couldn't agree more that it's a few months away yet, but we all know that time always seems to pass so quickly and before you know it we'll all be in November which brings us right back to the topic of Christmas!

We're so excited to announce that we will be taking part in the All In One's Christmas launch, starting on Thursday 3rd November, running through the whole weekend. This is a perfect opportunity for people who are located in Manchester to come by and visit our stall, which will have lots of samples of each scrub flavour enabling people to get a better look, smell and even touch! Who doesn't love a little chance to try before they buy?!

There will also be members from the Coffee Scrub Co. team there all day, so it's a great place to have a chat and find out more information on any of the scrubs!

We cannot wait to take part in this event and we hope to see you all there...

To find more information on the All In One please visit their website (

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