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When did the love for Coffee Scrubs begin?

With the website launching a few weeks ago everything has been a little bit crazy!! However, we’re starting to finally get into a nice routine and thought a blog post was seriously overdue! So, what better way to return to blogging than to look back to when the Coffee Scrub Company began.. If I can take a moment to introduce myself; I’m Hannah, founder of the Coffee Scrub Co. and I’d love to give you a little more information on when my passion for natural beauty products began. I’ve always been passionate about two things: cooking and coffee, and when I...

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Launch day

We were so excited when the clock turned 00:00 today, as this significant moment marks the first day our store officially opened for business online! We have been working so hard on this project for the past few weeks it's absolutely incredible to see it all come together perfectly. Proud does not even come close to describe how we feel at this moment in time! With the site being brand new we would love people to have a look through the different products, have a browse on our 'about us' page and get to know our company a little more....

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